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wedding & elopement, portrait, photographer serving all lovers worldwide. I am home based in Nappanee, IN.
i have been a photographer for 5 going on 6 years! my soul was made for this job. i have always been creative since i was a little girl. i loved cameras & looking at photos. i was constantly making art projects or creating something new! i am so grateful to incorporate my love for creating into my dream career. on top of creating & spending time with my family, i love decorating my home, going thrifting or to target, taking little weekend trips with my boys, hiking & riding atvs in the mountains & back home in indiana, you'll find me lifting weights in the gym every morning, & spending my days with my beckham boy balancing being a working mama. 




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About Olivia 

I am in love with love. Thats the best way to put it. I am so blessed to have a career that not only allows me to be extremely creative. But also a career that brings me into contact with the most beautiful souls. I have met some of my closest people through photography. I love to create long lasting relationships with my clients. 

i want your time with me to feel light, easy, fun, and loving. wedding days can be so stressful, and for most couples, the portraits are the most stressful part, but when i'm your wedding photographer... it will be a special time to reflect on your day, and be in the moment with your life partner.  

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 Authentic AF
True to YOU

my approach

I strive to document the in between moments... 

Taking the time to document not only the big moments... but also the small ones. The ones no one else may see or notice. These little moments are the puzzle pieces to the big picture. 
I would describe my shooting style as documentary, artful, passionate. I have a storytelling approach. When you show up to your session, or i arrive for your wedding day... I strive to document every moment, big & small... the textures of the grass we are running around in or the sand our toes are sinking into, the way your hands fit together, that sweet forehead kiss, all of it. I use to worry about the quantity of my galleries, But I quickly realized, each image tells a story... & pieces the love story together. 
When you look back on your images years later, you will remember how sweet that young love really was. 

"I don't know if theres another way to say 'the absolute best photographer' because thats how I describe you to everyone. You were reliable, creative, smart, quick with your edits, and so much FUN! I'm constantly being complimented on our engagement and wedding photos from people I don't even know. So appreciative of you!"
- Grace & Jay

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☽ my family 
☽ tacos
☽ traveling
☽ sunsets
☽ boho, free spirit vibes 
☽ mushroom pizza 
☽ colorado mountains 
☽ anything burnt orange 
☽ tattoos 
☽ the gym 
☽ beaches 
☽ Kitkats
☽ the vampire diaries & gossip girl
☽ plants 
☽ thrifting
☽ old cameras 
☽ Starbucks - more specifically Strawberry refresher lemonades 

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